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  • Being consciously aware of the sun on your skin, the wind in your hair, the irritation or fatigue in your body and the other things you notice in your inner world around you

  • With curiosity and without judging, you learn to observe your feelings, thoughts and physical signals

  • By not excluding, pushing away or letting yourself completely caught up with anything, you become familiar with your inner world

  • You will be better able to cope with the outside world and there will be less automatic reaction

Why MINDFULNESS for children?


Children are often too busy, just like adults. They have trouble sleeping, and easily distracted and often restless. Their heads are full of troubling thoughts. The “on switch” works fine, but where is the “off switch”? By introducing children to mindfulness at young age, they learn to observe and to concentrate better, to be in contact with their bodies and to calm themselves down.

Mindfulness training has been shown to be an effective tool for children and adolescents in enhancing their ability to regulate attention and emotion; developing positive thinking, resilience; and improving their relationship with parents and peers.

What can be archieved?

  • Enhanced physical and mental calmness

  • Improved concentration and learning

  • Increased self-confidence and resilience

  • Improved patience and compassion toward self and others

  • At home on the sofa

About the program

This is an 8-10 week mindfulness training method specially designed to be used with children and adolescents at school, in private practices, in hospitals and clinics. It is an evidence-based course based on Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn’s eight-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program. The course is tailored to four different age groups. Activities include breathing exercises, singing and story sharing as well as yoga postures.


Class Schedule

Date: Saturdays 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Address: Methodist Art Center, Rm 1201, 12/F, Methodist House, 36 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

Contact: 2520-4933 / 2520-4955

My Approach
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