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Adult (Individual) Therapy

Felicia provides client-centered and evidenced based psychological therapies to clients for commonly experienced mental health issues including:

  • adjustment issues;

  • anxiety;

  • depression;

  • eating disorders;

  • grief related conditions; including pet bereavement support;

  • panic;

  • personality issues; and

  • sleep issues

Child (Individual) Therapy

For children and adolescents who may experience the following challenges, Felicia will work collaboratively with family members to gain a full understanding of the difficulties and determine the most effective childhood developmental and therapeutic interventions.

  • anxiety, including separation anxiety and OCD;

  • behavioral issues;

  • challenges with attention;

  • coping with family such as divorce and loss;

  • depression and mood difficulties; and

  • low self-esteem /self-confidence.

This may involve one-to-one sessions with children or adolescents; sessions where parents attend with their child; family sessions; or group sessions where children or adolescents and families with similar concerns work together to find the most appropriate and effective solutions. 

For those who wish to receive therapy but have financial difficulties, we are willing to consider a reduction of fees on a sliding-scale.

My Approach
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